Monday, 30 April 2012

Lostprophets - Glasgow - 25/04/2012

The joys of being an amateur music journalism is the occasional free gig tickets.  I have always enjoyed Lostprophet's music but I can honestly say I have never been a massive fan but one of my flatmates is hence why I expressed interest in the tickets.

The support band was Modestep which from what I witnessed is some form of dubstep - not my taste in music at all and therefore retreated to the back bar to get myself a cherry whiskey - which they did not have any of.  If you are into dubstep you would probably dig this band but for me I just felt the way my mother felt when she had to listen to Slipknot through my bedroom walls.

After seeing Lostprophet's live though I would say I have more appreciation for them but still stand by my argument that their older music is far superior to their new material and I am therefore glad that they played a lot of their old material.

During the gig I noted that the vocals of lead singer Ian Watkins (Also known as: the good looking one) were not very good but found out afterwards that he has been unwell this week due to rib problems.  After that I empathised with him and admired him for still trying - considering he was probably in a lot of pain he done a good job.

What was most notable though is the way the rest of the band stepped up and compensated for Watkin's not being well enough to be the front man.  As a band there is a lot of love there and considering how long the band has been on the scene this is nice to see the band still have that closeness that some bands lose.

I did find it weird that they were all wearing matching t-shirts though - almost like a boyband. Very strange for a band that refer to themselves as punk.  In my book they are pop-punk but lets not be one to burst their bubble.

Overall the music was good.  I would be lying to say that it was outstanding but it was good.  They played the hits that you wanted them to  like 'Last Train Home' and 'Rooftops' and I felt almost sorry for them that the upstairs section of the 02 Academy was not open due to poor ticket sales - especially after I read in Kerrang that it was a sell out.

 I don't know what happened there and I expected the crowd to be a young crowd but there was a fair amount of people my age there - 21 - so not exactly old but you catch my drift.

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