Thursday, 12 April 2012

Vulnerable the new album from The Used may be the best album the band has produced since In Love and Hate

Having been a fan of The Used’s music since I was age 13 and In Love and Hate being in my top three favourite albums of all time the new album comes rated very highly in my opinion.

On first impressions though I was not so pleased with where the music had gone.  The first single I Come Alive lacks the rawness that makes The Used’s music so nerve hitting at times and feels like it has swayed too close to the mainstream. 

The song does contribute a lighter tone to the album which as expected is rather dark in parts but I still feel it is one of the weakest songs on the album but the catchiness will attract new fans.

My favourite song off the album is Now That you’re Dead – which is somewhat similar to the song Sound Effects and Overdramatics.  The fast pace of the drum beat makes the track sound a little punk which works with the attitude of the song. 

Although I have mentioned that the album is dark in parts it is not nearly as dark as the bands earlier material but it is refreshing and shows that the band has evolved just like fans like myself who have been following the band from a young age.  I still have my ‘emo’ moments but not nearly as extreme as I was at 13.  So I am kind of glad the band don't either. 

The album still has the gore and shock element that make The Used who they are - ‘Now that you’re dead, it’s gonna turn me on’.

Goodbye to You gives us the expected sad ballad with Bert’s soothing voice and soft music.  I enjoy that even when the songs are sad they are relatively mellow but when the songs are more anger based they are what one could only describe as manic.

The album could probably be best described as Bi-polar.  There is a lot of up and down in the feel of the songs but overall the album is of great quality and is the epitome of who The Used is musically.

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