Monday, 2 April 2012

Plum, Papaya and Coconut Yoghurt Smoothie

This creation was a slight flook if I'm being honest.  I had the intent of making a plum and cherry smoothie but due to Sainsbury's not having any cherries I opted for some fresh papaya since I had never seen a papaya never mind ate it.

It is a really soft fruit a bit like mango in texture and to me it tastes a little bit like melon.  It is not a fruit I would choose to eat on its own but in this smoothie it is lush.


Papaya - is high in vitamin C, B vitamins, dietary minerals and dietary fibre.
Plum - good source of dietary fibre and vitamin C.

For one glass you need:
  • Two ripe plums
  • Half a papaya
  • Some coconut yogurt - it is up to you how much yogurt you put in. I had individual Perle Du Lait 'Coco Coconut' yogurt so I just put one tub in but a couple of spoonfuls out of a big tub of yogurt would suffice.

I used a stick blender to blend the fruit and then added the yogurt afterwards and mixed before pouring over ice but if you have a smoothie maker I would advise crushing up some ice with the smoothie - it tastes better super cold.

Perfect for drinking on a sunny day or for a picnic?

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