Friday, 22 June 2012

Slutwalk - Edinburgh - 7th of July 2012 - Part 2

Ever considered taking part in a protest or doing something charitable but then never bothered getting off your ass and actually doing something?  Well here is your chance.   If you feel strongly about the safety of the women in Scotland and the world over then here is something you can do to show your discomfort towards sexual assault.  The cause does focus on women because it was women that raised their concern about societies views towards sexual assault.  You can find the background story of Slutwalk here - Slutwalk Part One but the protest is for all sexual assault across all genders, races and regardless of your sexual orientation.  

My fabulous friend Nicolle Mcsaveney has organised this event so that the people of Scotland can show their disgust towards the opinion that some people deserve to be raped because they're 'sluts' - narrowed down to dress provocatively.  

"Let's make a stand against rape and sexual abuse. Let's make our opinions count. Let's allow women to make their own sexual choices. And let's give others the inspiration to speak out about their own experiences and know that they are survivors. not victims.

March with us on July 7th in Edinburgh. Thinking "oh, it doesn't affect me." or "it wont make a difference" are attitudes that will just encourage society's view on rape culture to remain the same. This can't continue".

I'm sure we have all experienced that horrible feeling of fear when returning home from a night out or simply just being out on your own during the winter nights - that fear that someone is going to hurt you.  We shouldn't have to fear this.  Yes we should always be cautious but we shouldn't have to live in such fear.

If you want to contribute to trying to put a stop to this then join us on the 7th of July. For more information see:  The Facebook page or on Twitter @slutwalkedin 


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  2. I think the slut walks are great I've seen lots in the USA but not many over here glad your taking part. I'm far away otherwise I would xx

  3. I'm hoping that if this one is successful this year then it will continue to grow in future years. xx