Friday, 29 June 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting - Review

On seeing the trailer for this film I cringed.  The trailer alone made me cringe but my friend over at Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding is a sucker for bad films so we went to see it one Orange Wednesday with the agreement that we would also see Dark Shadows.

I am not at all child friendly and I judge young people with kids - I am in no way having a baby in the near future. I'd rather cut off my arm. Please do not come at me defending yourself if you are a young parent because if you weren't a young parent you would probably be in the judging crowd also. I'm just getting out there that I'm not broody.  At all. Give me a puppy over a baby any day. 

However I did enjoy this film.  Mainly because it looked at a lot of the funny things that pregnancy brings which no one on my facebook with child ever speaks of. I talk about all the crap that I face in my life as a graduate but no funny baby stories or stories of being woke up at 5am and wanting to kill said child?  I like a good hard side of realism with my pregnancy and  baby stories.  I think that is why I am such a cynic about young Mum's.  I do not believe the keeping up appearances that Facebook allows. 

This film strips away that pretence though and looks at pregnancy from all angles - the good and the bad.  You will laugh out loud and you'll have a little weep both happy and sad. I haven't seen realism like this since Marinda was pregnant in Sex and the City.  I feel pregnancy is very sugar-coated these days. 

It's a good girly film for those with or without children and then there is a half naked Joe Manganiello to oogle at - so you'll come away having enjoyed the film in some respects.


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