Thursday, 12 July 2012

£100 Asos Blogger Challenge

I seen this on Hannah Hindmarsh's blog and thought it would give it a go myself - for fun more than anything. The Discount Coder Blog decided to do this give-away to celebrate them hitting 1,000 Twitter followers - @DiscountCoder.  Well done indeed.

Snooping about on Asos is something I do frequently despite the fact that I have no job and therefore no money but it is fun to online window shop.

When choosing which clothes to highlight I drew on my personal style and a style icon of mine:  Carrie Bradshaw.  Cliche but her style can rather outrageous at times and that is what I love.  Her style is not always conventional fashion.  It seems to be whatever she feels like wearing on the given day and I admire that.  I feel that true style is wearing whatever you like and finding ways to work it in with other things that you like rather than simply just followings the trends and that brings us to the outfit that I have picked out.

Mango Mickey T-shirt - £14.99
ASOS Africa Organza Skirt - £40.00
ASOS Pleated Frame Clutch - £30.00 now £8.00
ASOS Spiked Cord Friendship Bracelet: £10.00 now £4.00
ASOS Push it Platform Shoe - £30.00

Total:  £96.99 - so just under £100 but there is nothing worse than a cluttered outfit and that £3.00 can go towards a swanky cocktail.

As I said I based this look partly on Carrie Bradshaw and these are the two outfits that I thought of:

So the skirt is not quite as puffy as the one pictures above but it comes close to as daring as you could get away with where I live - Glasgow.  There was also an occasion when Carrie wore a skirt as sheer as the ASOS one but I cannot find photo's.  I remember because see wore her trademark white pants under it - not a good look. I love the organza skirt because its both daring but at the same time it is classic because it resembles swing skirts from the 50's - a fashion period I simply adore.

Due to the skirt being rather over the top I decided to team with just a simple t-shirt but one that is also a bit kitch.  A statement t-shirt in some respects and there is no better icon to go with than Mickey and Minnie mouse.  Everyone loves them and a little bit of Disney never goes out of style. The polka-dot bag also fits in with this theme as it matches the polka-dots on Minnie's t-shirt and with the bag being less than half-price - a bargain not be missed.  Especially when it comes to polka-dots. Every girl should have a little bit of fun polka dots in their lives even if they are a stripe girl at heart.

With the skirt and the t-shirt together I feel it creates an outfit that is daring, classic but just a little but understated and that is why I picked the bold pink shoes.  Shoes and I have a strange relationship I utterly adore them but they need to be a little bit special for me to pay attention - a bit like men, eh?

The shoes complete the look and add colour and shimmer that is so needed in this predominately black outfit but I still felt the outfit needed a little touch of my inner goth hence the spiked bracelet in pink to match the shoes.  These bracelets seem to be all the rage at the moment across the goth scene and they make a delightful change from the traditional spiked collars that are tacky rather than stylish.  The new gothic scene allows for more creativity and colour than before.

Which trends are you loving and hating at the moment?



  1. Love it! Carrie's faux Abu Dhabi outfit is one of my faves!

  2. oh how fun! asos keeps sending me emails but I'm the opposite of you, when I don't have money I don't even want to window shop. LOL
    Cute outfit :)

    1. It can be soul destroying not having the money to buy anything. I went physical window shopping yesterday and it was horrid :( but my boyfriend gets paid at the end of the month haha ;). xx

  3. Loving the Ombre trend!

    Huge hugs

  4. your blog is absolutely gorgeous(((:

    following<3 follow back?


  5. you have a lovely blog doll, had to follow:) xx