Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July Faves

I usually do single beauty posts but I thought I'd do a bulk one for a bit of variety.  I added tabs to my blog last night so that it is easier to look through posts. There are some good beauty ones from last year if you fancy a read.

1. Sure for Women - Glimmer Fragrance Collection with Scents of Flowers and Lime.  It was the the yellow tin that drew me towards this and the fact that it was £1.50 in Asda - I find supermarkets a lot of the time have good deals on deodorant.  I never pay any more than £1.50 for a deodorant unless its a deal like two for £3.00.  Some people stick to their favourite tried and tested deodorant but I like to mix things up every so often and try one I haven't tried before. I used to hate Sure deodorant because they had such a boring scent but since they have brought out the fragrance collection I have become rather fond of them and they are good deodorants.  I have't had any problems with the deodorant not working and it was well tested at Download Festival.  The scent of this one - flowers and lime - is interesting.  It is subtle but refreshing.  It makes a nice change from overpowering floral scents.

2. Batise Dry Shampoo - XXL Volume.  Any girl with greasy or thick hair needs dry shampoo in their lives. I don't suffer from greasy hair but I do suffer from thick/heavy hair which falls flat due to the weight of it.  This is the answer to all your problems girls.  I have been using the original Batise Dry Shampoo's as a means of getting some volume in my hair for years and the original one is effective in adding some but this new one made especially for volume is amazing and easy.  Before nights out I have spent a good 45minutes back-combing my hair and it is usually a tangled mess before leaving the house but this makes things simply.  Spray and brush and presto - magic volume.  The only problem I had had with this is that it does leave hair very thick afterwards so you need to wash your hair the next day but it is worth it.

3.  Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel in Radiant Apricot.  I bought the travel one for taking to Download Festival with me but I had loads left so I brought it home with me.  I usually buy Asda's shave gel for women and for £1.00 it is really good value but the Satin Care range by Gillette is the best shave gel.  It gives you a decent shave and it leaves legs silky smooth.  I find it does not matter which razor you use with this gel you still get the same effect.  It can be an expensive gel but places like Superdrug have them on offer regularly - at the moment the 200ml tin is £1.62.  I will be heading there tomorrow to stock up.

4. FCUK Whipped Body Cream.  A couple of months back I reviewed FCUK's Polished Body Butter actually thinking it was the same as this product.  Photographed is the travel size but a couple of years ago I had the big tub.  I thought polished and whipped were the same product but packaged differently.  I noted that polished was a thick cream well whipped is the opposite it is a lovely light cream. Hence the name whipped - like whipped cream.  I have been using it all week and I'll be sad to see the little tub finished.  Great body cream if you aren't a fan of heavy body butters and it is especially good in this humid weather - if you live in the UK like myself.

5.  Asda Skin Systems Cleansing Wipes. Another staple in every girls life and one that we like to get as cheap as possible.  I think these wipes are around £1.00 for 30 wipes - good value.  I used these wipes for taking off eye make-up and full make up if I am drunk.  They are good for taking off eye make-up but full make-up not so much.  My face never feels completely clean afterwards but after a rinse with a face wash all is good.

6. Yankee Candles Cherry Blossom Candle.  This obviously is not a beauty product but it is a product that can be used during beauty therapy whether that be in the bath or just in your bedroom.  For a while I did not think there was much scent off this candle but if you have been sitting in the same room all day you aren't likely to notice it.  It isn't a terribly strong scent like some of the other Yankee candles like A Midsummers Nights Dream which is very strong but it does leave a nice flowery scent.  I light candles a lot because I live with two smokers and hate the smell of smoke.  I currently have four cherry blossom candles which is funny because cherry blossom is not a candle scent I would pick myself but it is growing to be one of my favourites.  I would say it is a day time candle rather than a night time one.

What is everyone's favourite candle scent?  I'm a fan of cherry, vanilla and the Midsummers Nights Dream candle mentioned above which is black for any goth lovers out there.


  1. I love Batise dry shampoo, but never knew there were a XXL volume one. I'll definitely try it out as I have long thick hair too

    Lisa xx

  2. I don't think it has been out very long. I only got it a month ago and I was super excited to see it!


  3. My hair is so thin and I literally swear by Batiste XXL Volume!