Sunday, 8 July 2012

Models Own - Magenta Divine - Pink Glitter Polish

After months of writing my dissertation I decided I would treat myself to some new nail polish.  I have been eyeing up the Models Own nail polishes ever since my friend Fiona reviewed their polishes on her blog. (I wrote this blog post in May but forgot to take photo's of the nails before taking the polish off). 

I'm a sucker for glitter nail polish.  It just makes me super happy to find a hot pink glitter polish for every so often I like to dive into gothic barbie mode.   

As you can see from it is a bottle it is a polish designed in Barbie's dreams but unlike the Ibiza Mix reviewed previously this polish is more similar to the Barry M polishes as it covers the whole base coat and makes the nail fully glittery. Who say's this is a bad thing though?

I teamed Magenta Divine with Wellington Street by Nails Inc.

Which resulted in this:  

P:S I have five fingers I am just crap at taking photo's. 

I would say this polish has a greater stay than the Ibiza Mix as I managed to keep the polish on for over week with only having to touch up the tips once.

My experience with Models Own polishes has been delightful so far and I would recommend giving their polishes a try despite them being a little bit more expensive than some other brands. 



  1. Ahh I want this polish now! Its just the perfect inbetween pink/purple colour! Think I'll wait til my funds are replenished and Boots do another 3for2 offer! xx

  2. It is a great colour. I was between getting that one and getting the other glitter one you got. xx