Monday, 23 July 2012

No Doubt about it. They are back.

No Doubt have finally returned on to the scene after a whopping ten year hiatus which makes me feel really old.  I was aged ten or eleven when, Rock Steady, the last No Doubt album came out and I have been a fan of the band ever since. For me the upcoming album Push and Shove is the album of not only the summers end but the album of the year.

Ten years No Doubt fans have been waiting which is a long time when you realise that I wasn't even a teenager when the last record came out and now I am in my twenties. My whole high school and university career.

There was of course Gwen Stafani's solo work but that was not up to everyone's taste.  I personally loved her first solo album but the second one felt a little too main stream R&B for my personal taste. I did enjoy seeing Stefani expressing herself musically and extending her interest in fashion though.  She is someone who has been a style icon of mine for years.  I used to cut pictures of her out my girls magazines and put them on my wall. Being a small brunette there is not much that she wears that I could actually pull off but I enjoy looking at her.  Not in a perverted way more in the way you would admire a work of art.

However back to the point - the new single.  The opening notes of the song appear to show the combined styles of Stefani's solo work and No Doubts most modern sound.  Judging from this single the band have steered closely to the reggae style featured on Rock Steady.

The reggae beats are sure to make this song a summer anthem among fans and I hope that it will recruit some new younger fans to the No Doubt camp.  It is amazing to know that there will be girls around the age I was when Rock Steady came out that will love this. It would be great to see girls looking up a strong front woman like Gwen Stefani rather than the likes of Selena Gomez.

So GET IN LINE and buy the album in September.

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  1. WooHoo! I love No Doubt, it's about time they made a come back.