Monday, 23 July 2012

Motley Crue - Sex - Single Review

It is surprising that Motley Crue haven't had a song with the title 'sex' before now because it is sure something that they probably know more about than the average whore. Dirty dirty boys and that is not a dig at Tommy Lee. Their autobiography was not called The Dirt for nothing. 

On the first couple of days of release the band had the single on free download via their site which I thought was a really nice gesture for their fans. Especially unemployed fans like me.  These times are hard. I might have just laughed at the use of the adjective hard but if the word fits. 

The song itself does not have many words to it other than 'it's all about the sex' but I have a feeling that live the song with be more amazing a bit like Kickstart my Heart is. It packs the typical Motley attitude and swagger which reassures me that this song will grow on people even if it feels a little watered down to start with. 

The band are currently touring the U.S with Kiss and The Treatment and I would put money on them playing Download 2013.  Hopefully they do so I can test my theory to see if the song is less woeful live and join in with the trademark Motley Crue 'woahs'. 

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