Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Revlon - Emerald City - Matte - Nail polish

I received this as a birthday gift back in January since I am a fan of the colour green - especially dark greens which can be hard to find in nail polish.

This is my first and so far only experience with Revlon nail polishes as they are quite expensive at £6.50 but you get 14ml of product rather than 10ml which the typical size of a Barry M nail polish.

Despite owning a ridiculous amount of nail polishes I also do not have any that have a matte finish and I wish I had a good verdict on it.

Apologies for the bad quality of photo's they looked better on my camera.  Below is the nail polish without any top coat.  Adding a top coat takes away the matte finish but sadly the staying power of a matte nail polish is really bad. I painted my nails before bed last night and by this afternoon I had to touch them up.  I love the matte look but if you want the polish to last more than a night then it is not really a good option.

Here is the polish with a Nails Inc Kensington Cavier Topcoat.  As you can see the topcoat takes away the matte finish but none the less the polish is still a gorgeous colour.

Does anyone else have experience with matte nail polishes and tips on how to get them to not chip as much?

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  1. pretty! Love this color.

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  2. I don't have any buttons made up at the moment but when I do I will let you know.