Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Melvita - Rose Nectar - Moisturiser

I signed up to Latest in Beauty which allowed me three free samples and then you have the choice of whether to sign up for the subscription a beauty box or to buy samples.  I do not have the money at the moment but once I have a job it is certainly something that I am going to look into.

One of the samples I received was the Melvita Moisturising Rose Nectar.

"The sheer, comfortable cream provides intensive moisturizing care, for a beautifully rosy complexion. Perfectly hydrated all day long, the skill feels soft and supple again".

I have yet to write a negative beauty review but this is one product I really did not like mainly based on how strongly perfumed the moisturiser is.  I usually love strongly scented moisturisers but this overpoweringly smells of roses.  It reminds me of something an older lady would wear and perhaps it would be more suited to that age range.  

I initially thought the sample was the hydrating facial gel so I put it on my face - that was a mistake.  I had to wash it off within minutes and even when on my body I still felt it was too perfumed and made me feel uncomfortable.  It might have just been in my head. It does say on the packaging that 99% of ingredients are natural though. 

Price: £24 for 40ml - so not a cheap product either.


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