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Betty Hula - Samples Review

I first came across this brand in my boyfriends bathroom, of all places, the lovely little purple tub obviously did not belong to him but his mother.  I was struck by the lovely purple tub but then by the fact that the body butter was 'rum and blackcurrant' scented.  My signature drink is bacardi with lemonade and blackcurrant so it is safe to say that the body butter was tugging on my heart strings a little.

Betty Hula pride themselves on the philosophy of honest natural beauty.  A philosophy I can respect for the idea of putting anything with too many chemicals in it on my skin scares me a little.  The body is natural after all (well some peoples) so I feel it makes sense to treat it with the goodness that the earth has to offer as much as you can. 

"Our lovely skin care products will nurture and rejuvenate your body and each one is made with very sensitive skin in mind.
All of our products have been lovingly handmade using traditional techniques and the finest, quality, fairly traded natural ingredients
Our range is perfect for all skin types. The recipes used are ideal for damaged, dry and sensitive skin. Powered by nature, they leave your skin feeling nourished, revitalised and silky smooth to the touch.
Our stylish range is laced with a selection of delicious and exotic Hawaiian inspired scents to stimulate your senses as your body is pampered". 
At the moment there is only three products available in the Betty Hula range and I was lucky to obtain samples of all three including the rum and blackcurrant moisturiser mentioned before. However the product that drew me towards requesting samples is the 'The Secret Wonder'. 

The collection currently only has three products and I received samples of all three after enquiring about their oil for stretch marks - yup I am still on that quest.  Despite the line only having three products it does not limit it for me and if anything it excites me to see what Betty Hula has in store for the future of the brand.  I only know about this brand due to my boyfriends mother purchasing one of the body butters so I am assuming it might not be a brand that you have heard of either but if you enjoy my reviews then you can find out more on: but the most common place to find the products for those in the UK is Sainsburys. I know, not somewhere I would associate with up-market beauty products either.

1. Sample One: Rum and Blackcurrant Body Butter - £14.99

I am going to talk about the scent of the two body butters and then go on to talk about the texture as they are both the same in that respect.

Well the rum brings the Hawaiian theme straight into touch but I would say the scent of this is an acquired taste and I certainly could not wear it hungover but it is something a little different. The tones of blackcurrant are strong when compared to the rum notes that are subtly there in the background and combined it makes a charming scent.  You could wear this instead of wearing perfume and I would be surprised if the people around you do not comment on it.  I'm sitting sniffing my arm right now - it is one of those smells that you just keep on smelling because it is so unusual but lovely at the same time.

The cute little pot that I was referring to and isn't the logo so elegant?

2. Champagne and Spice Body Butter - £14.99

This really is a touch of luxury and the beautiful spiced yet musky scent creates the essence of glamour. I really love this body butter and it will no doubt be getting put on my Christmas list instead of perfume.  The scent lingers all day unlike some perfumes.

Quality and Texture

Both body butters are very rich in texture and need time to soak into the skin but they leave the skin looking so radiant.  The skin is left soft and with a lovely shine to it but a natural looking shine not like a tacky glittery shine. 

The only issue I have with both products is the price - at £14.99 it is quite expensive and I would say because of this it is more of a luxury product when compared to the old faithful Body Shop body butters that you can cake yourself in. However you get what you pay for and they are top quality body butters.

I have decided to leave The Secret Wonder Oil for a review of its own so you will need to stay tuned to find out what I thought of it.



This is also part of a guest post I done for: who is a great advocate of British beauty and brings a different beauty perspective in the highly female dominated beauty blog-sphere. Go check his blog out :).

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