Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Raspberry and Green Tea (Smoothie)

Frozen Raspberry and Green Tea (Smoothie).

I love the above photo,even thought it makes the drink look a little bit like Pepto-bismol, I also think it looks rather classy.  Well the glass makes it look classy.  There's a tip for you - a simple or boring drink will always look just a little bit more fabulous in a pretty glass or with some garnish.  Damn, I wish I had some cherries to make it even more special.  Watch this space - the next drink I make will no doubt be disgustingly over the top.

Benefits of this drink:

  • Raspberries are low in calories and saturated fat.
  • But high in fibre and antioxidants. 
  • Contain good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Green tea increases the metabolism.  The polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.
  • Scientists think, green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.
  • It is widely thought to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them.
  • Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and be a great benefit to tea drinkers.


-Bag of frozen raspberries. I used about half a bag and it made three drinks.
-One green tea teabag or cup of Matcha. 
-Natural yoghurt (your discretion).

To make:

Step One.  Boil some fresh water in the kettle and make a cup of strong green tea and then leave it to cool down.

Step Two: Pour 3/4's of the cup into a jug and add the frozen raspberries - blitz with a hand blender or a normal blender. I find a hand blender easier because it is simpler to clean.

Step 3:  If the mixture is too thick add the remaining tea and if it is too thin you can add some natural yoghurt.  The drink pictured above has some yoghurt in it and it made it a little bit thicker and creamier but I wouldn't say it altered the taste that much with both raspberries and green tea being quite bitter. 

Step 4: Pour yourself a glass and put the rest of the mixture in the fridge.  I put the rest of my mixture in the freezer to make sorbet but it did not work out well but if you have ice lolly moulds you could make ice lollies. This is my plan for next time.



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  2. I'll have to try this out. I try to drink a cup of green tea each day, so this would definitely put a twist on my intake of it.

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