Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wilko - Shimmer Shampoo and Conditioner

I saw the blue bottle and I seen two for £2.00 and I was sold.  I used to love Herbal Essences before they changed because I loved the blue shampoo, I am unsure why but there is something about blue shampoo that just floats my boat. Sadly this shampoo and conditioner are not as good as Herbal Essences though.


  • The price - at £2.00 you can't grumble too much and for that price is is a good shampoo.  
  • It does the job. It leaves your hair feeling clean.
  • The shampoo smells nice.It looks pretty in the bathroom.


  • The shampoo feels like soap and leaves the hair feels too squeaky. You can only wash the hair once.
  • It has made my scalp feel dry and itchy.
  • Even though the shampoo smells lovely the conditioner smells heavily of chemicals and ruins the smell of the shampoo.
  • I have ran out of conditioner and still half just under 3/4 of the bottle of shampoo left due to only being able to wash the hair once.

Would I buy it again? I wouldn't buy this one again abut I am open to trying the other shampoo's in the range to see how they are.  For the price it wasn't that bad a shampoo.

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  1. I bought the conditioner and the shine spray from this range. Wouldn't buy the conditioner again but the spray is great for freshening yer hair if your not washing it that day, and it smells amazzzzing. Xx