Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Loreal Shampoo and a Laugh At My Expense

These samples could not have come at a better time for me.  Two day's previously I had a hair disaster and a blonde brunette moment.  I have lots of random bottles of shampoo that I am trying to use up (I always run out of conditioner first) so I purchased a random conditioner to go.  Well I thought I had bought conditioner, I had actually bought shampoo but did not realise this until I was washing my hair that night.  I had an interview early the next morning for the journalism placement I am going on and my hair had been back-combed all weekend - see my dilemma? I needed something to work as a substitute for conditioner so I scanned my bathroom and found Lush's Ultrabutter and The Body Soaps Mango Body Scrub.  I had heard Ultrabutter has many uses and the mango body scrub is oil based - this was such a mistake.  My hair ended up just caked and the oil from both products would not budge from my hair.  I went to my interview with my hair caked in talcum powder because I also had no dry shampoo. 

My hair was not a pretty site but Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioner really helped restore it to its naturally thick frizzy state.

Gwen Stefani gives it a thumbs up and I can understand why.  I really liked this shampoo and I felt it helped lift all the product from my hair and some of the undesired hair dye build up that currently holds on to my hair.  The colour of my hair looked great afterwards and it was so shiny.

"Specifically designed for coloured and dry hair, L'Oreal Hair Expertise EverPure Colour Care & Moisture is a Colour Care System with non-sulphate cleansing and gentle moisturising care. The formulae are enriched with botanical rosemary and juniper oils and leave hair feeling nourished".

The price however I do not like as it is quite expensive with the cheapest I have seen it being 2 for £8.00; which is not too bad if you have the money to spend but like I said in the previous post when you are unemployed you cannot afford to be spending that on shampoo.  What is everyone's favourite expensive shampoo?  

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  1. My favourite is Lush's Rehab, once a week. I'd love to use Big, but it makes me look like I was hit by a lightning, and Blousy is nice, but too gentle, so I'd have to wash my hair every four days...
    From "budget" ones I prefer Wella.

    To straighten backcombed hair I used vegetable oil (olive? walnut? sunflower seed?) BEFORE shampoo, than shampood twice, while untangleing my hair with my fingers. Worked, but took long.