Tuesday, 25 September 2012

That's Asda Price *ching ching*.

For years I have been a fan of Asda beauty products; one because they are cheap and two the majority of the time the quality is great.  On moving to Stirling to study though my love of Asda beauty products suffered since the nearest Asda was in the town over.  Personally I do not think that Tesco or Sainsburys beauty selection stands up to Asda's.  Do you have a preference or are you a beauty snob that would not buy beauty products from a supermarket, why?

The love affair probably started with the gorgeous cherry shampoo and conditioner that they used to sell but some some bizarre reason they discontinued it.  The last time I was in Asda I also could not find the selection of shampoo's they brought out to replace this fruity selection.  Which I find really disappointing because Asda shampoo and conditioner was in my top 5 and for £1.00 each - top value.  Asda, what is going on?

But anyhow here are some of some other good value tried and tested products from Asda.  If you are a student or like me happen to be on job seekers,whilst frustratingly searching for a job, supermarkets are great places to save yourself some money.

First up:  Asda Tropical Deoderant.  £1.12 for 100ml.  When I bought this Asda had no good deals on deodorant and I really grudge paying £3.00 for one when I know that it is usually £1.00-1.50. I tried Asda deodorant when I was younger and I did not like it much but I thought I would give this a try.  The smell is lovely - it is called tropical but is not your typical tropical scent, it is more musky.  As a deodorant I had some issues with white marks but not every time I used it and as for keeping me dry I would give it a 7/10.  It was fine on a normal day but if you are going to be power walking or working out it is not that great. It is worth a try out though.  I would probably buy it again.

2. Asda Essentials Heat Protection Spray. £2.00. When I lived at home I used this all the time and now that I have moved back home I will be using this again. For £2.00 it is great.  It does the job and protects your hair but can leave hair feeling a little bit squeaky.  It is certainly not the worst heat protection I have used though.

3.  Asda Lavender Shower Gel. £1.00.  This would be great for you poor souls that do not have baths.  The plug for my bath has been broken for what feels like forever so I feel your pain.  This shower gel has eased it ever so slightly though. After a hard day this makes showering blissful rather than a chore when your feet are aching.  It is also cheaper than Radox. With the winter nights coming in grab yourself some of this and chill in the warmth.

4. Protect Facial Wash Deep Cleansing. £1.55.  It was my Mum that bought this and I obviously took over and started using it. Obviously. When it says deep cleansing it means it. I wear foundation and a little powder to the gym (don't judge I have awful skin) and I use this afterwards.  Usually when I wash off my make up with just a face wash I have lots of residue that I need to remove with a toner but not with this - your skin is actually clean; like it says on the label.  It smells citrus which is a lovely touch to an already great face wash.


  1. Thanks for the review! :) I wonder if we have Asda here in the U.S.


  2. I seriously cannot think of Asda without going 'ching ching' and wanting a denim pocket to pat! I also want the whole N-Spa range after hearing nothing but good things about it

    1. Haha I think the same thing. I'm sure I heard that ad was banned for being too provocative or something. Oh you should deffo try n-spa I love their stuff and occasionally Asda do really good deals on it. I don't know if I'm keen on the new look though.


  3. Hi,Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment.I'm following you back :)