Friday, 19 October 2012

Finally, an online pay-per-view film service. Watch Movies Online.

I was contacted by Blinkbox, the UK's leading on-demand film streaming service, and asked if I would like to try out the service and let them know what I thought of it. You can also watch movies online.

I have used both Netflix and Lovefilm, so I had something to compare Blinkbox to.  Netflix I do not rate at all, as I think the site layout is unappealing and the sound would often not play in sync with the film.  Lovefilm I do rate highly and I still use the service, but unless you are someone like me who watches a lot of films then it would be a waste of money.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys watching the odd film or if you have missed a film at the cinema and would like to see it before buying it then Blinkbox is perfect for you. Blinkbox does not have a subscription fee - you simply pay for what you want to watch, you also have the option of buying the DVD.  Similar to Lovefilm teaming up with Amazon, Blinkbox have teamed up with Tesco.

Most of the films are £3.50 or under, there are also a lot of free films. Films that I pay to view via Lovefilm such as Little Ashes and House on Haunted Hill.  If you find yourself at a loss for something new to watch when you are bored then you should sign up for the free content alone - watch movies online

The service is completely legal and it should hopefully deter people from illegally downloading films, on the basis that they want films on demand.  Blinkbox has a great variety of films and is up to date with new releases.

According to The Gadget show they are the best movie streaming service around.  I found my Blinkbox experience to be mainly positive - I enjoyed my film selection of The Raven and Pirates! In Adventures with Scientists.  Both films were on my Lovefilm mailing list - meaning I had to wait for Lovefilm to send me the films as they are not available on watch now.  The on-demand service offered by Blinkbox with recent films is certainly their winning factor when compared with film subscription services.

My only complaint would be that I found the site a little difficult to navigate around at times and I feel the site would benefit from the film genre's being narrowed down further.  But this is something that is easy to fix and I would not say it had an negative impact on my viewing experience but I think this change would persuade people to watch more films than they initially would.

I also really like the 'save for later feature' which Lovefilm and Netflix lack.  One of the reasons I updated my Lovefilm account to include films via post was because I wanted to be able to build a list of films. Being able to build a list makes the selection process so much easier and prevents you from spending unnecessary time searching through films.

The fact there is no subscription service also makes the service appealing to those that do not like having too many direct debits or do not have a steady income at the moment.  There are no hidden costs, so you can come and go as you please, pay for what you watch and not feel obliged to being roped into paying a monthly fee. If you are looking for something to watch this weekend you should go on for a nosey - you might find something you have been itching to see, at a reasonable price.  It is certainly cheaper than going to the cinema - you could get four films, or more, on Blinkbox for the price of two adult cinema tickets at the weekend.  I am off to use my last complimentary code -  Rock of Ages or Promeseus?


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