Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Ghostly Nails

Come Halloween even the most girlie of girls wants a little touch of Halloween horror in her life, and nails are a quick and effective way to do this - without having to dig out the white face paint and fake blood.  Which I find the horror really lays in scrubbing the stuff off the next day.

I have seen a lot of great Halloween inspired nail art on the blog scene over the last couple of weeks, but I am no nail artist - I can paint my nails without making too much of a mess but when it comes to getting arty with a nail pen, I struggle. But I thought I would give ghost nails a go (if it is your blog that I got this idea from let me know and I will tag you - I can't remember where I seen it).

My ghost's do look more Pac-man ghosts than terrifying supernatural ghosts but they are quite cute, regardless.  When I was trying this out I actually done the ghosts pink and black as a test run, as I had the intentions of doing it again with grey polish but I start work on Monday - hence the edited photo's.

To get this look:

1. Chose your base colour for the ghosts and paint your nails as you usually would.
2. Wait to dry - seriously, wait.
3. Use black nail art pen (I use Models Own) to draw the points at the tip of the nail, to create the outline of the ghost. You can actually see this better in the first photo. I used the brush of the nail art pen rather than the actual pen but I feel it would work better with the pen - more steady.
4. Dot two white dots using either dotting tools or free hand - I used free-hand.
5. Use the nail art pen to place the pupils - this time you need to use the pen end.

I found the layers of polish took quite a while to dry, so you might want to watch a film or something whilst you do this, as not to be tempted to do something that will smudge the polish.

What are your favourite Halloween nail art designs this year?

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