Sunday, 28 October 2012

Barrats Shoe Competition with Terri Lowe

Terri Lowe - "Go onto the Barratt's website and choose a selection of shoes you would buy if you won. 
Create a pretty image/collage or amazingly written blog post (the more creative the better!) and post it on your blog.
Send Terri the link to said post her comments section 
She will wittle it down to THREE finalists, based on the creativity/prettyness of the image/collage. Then Terri will create a blog post featuring all three finalists and it will be left to her readers to vote and decide the final winner!"

When I was e-mailed about this competition I got super excited and jumped on to the Barratts website to have a good nosey, but the decision of picking out some of my favourite shoes out was harder than I had anticipated.  When it comes to physically shoe shopping I am quite picky - I like statement shoes and the heel needs to be a certain height since I am 4ft 11 but virtually shoe shopping is a whole other ball gall.  It gives you more of an opportunity to ponder about what you could bring to that shoe. For me this is where shoe shopping differs from other shopping - shoes give you an opportunity to bring out the best in a shoe.  I am aware how cliché that sounds, almost as if I am talking about a man, but trust me when I say a shoe will not leave you for a better looking shoe. You can take a fairly plain shoe, sprinkle it with your personality and voila - a Cinderella story and  fabulous feet, well maybe not the Cinderella story but you never know. 

Another reason I love shoes is that no matter how much of fat, I am not getting out my pyjamas kind of day you are having your shoes will still fit beautifully.  Stick your shoes on with your pyjamas - it's a great way to practice your strut and you'll feel better. As a wise person once said give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world.

1. Truffle - Spike Stud Trim Platform Court Shoes -  £25

Statement shoes - I love that these shoes are burgundy rather than the original black design of this style that has been making the rounds.  It is such a great warm shade for Autumn and the spikes bring a Gothic edge to the traditional court shoe.

2. Casual Lace Up Creeper Style Shoes - £25.00.

I have been pondering for a while whether to buy a pair of creepers or not, as I used to find this style of shoe really quite ugly, but the more I people wearing them the more I warm to them.  Plus they look like they would make great gig shoes - being my height is a real disadvantage at gigs and the extra inches would probably benefit me a lot. I have have tiny feet a size 2 1/2 - size 3 and Barrats are one of the few shoe shops that cater for the small footed lady.  Therefore no insoles are needed.  These shoes start in a size 1. 

3. Truffle - Platform Wedge Court Shoe - £30

You might have noticed that I have a slight love for suede shoes, I find it so classy, some might say tacky but everyone has different taste.  These shoes remind me of shoes I used to wear to school (obviously the heel was a lot shorter), I used to love the ease of walking in wedge shoes.  I think it is time I invest in a pair of wedge heels for nights out, I am fed up being that girl stumbling about the club and the one falling on her face.  Plus the strap helps with my small feet dilemma as well by holding my feet in place.

4. Posh Wellies Triple Buckle Trim Wellington Boots - £33 were £70

I need these boots in my life! I volunteer at the SPCA once a week, where I need to wear wellies to clean out the kennels and these would keep my feet super snug.  Plus how fabulous do they look?  I usually change into my wellies when I get there, as I own a pair of ugly green Dunlop wellies but I could wear these all day.  Another problem I have with wellies is how horrible the trim feels round the leg but these ones are suede - suede again, I did warn you.  I think I am going to have to buy these when I get paid - it will no doubt be snowing in sunny Scotland by then so I will need them to trek about the place.  

5. Truffle Double Bow Trim Platform Court Shoes - £30

I have done it again, suede. I think I have a problem. Calling suede shoes anonymous. The shoes are pink and they have bows - do I need to say more?  They also come in cream in black for those that like more tasteful shoes, but I think these are wonderfully fun and feminine. 

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