Friday, 30 November 2012

Non-tacky Gothic Make up.

There is no denying my gothic roots and the gothic subculture is one that I will always kneel at the alter to, but in 2012 there is no need to dig out the spiked dog collar and black lipstick.  Think Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, and of course Helena Bonham Carter.

This post was inspired by my attendance at The Twins of Evil tour earlier this week.  The Twins of Evil tour for those that are not familiar is the joint tour of: the king of Goth - Marilyn Manson and the king of horror - Rob Zombie.  It is safe to say that 99% of the crowd were wearing black.

Makeup worn by moi:

Primer: Loreal Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer.

On days where I am having a particularly bad skin day I wear this to combat the redness and it works a treat.  It does make me look a little more pale than usual but unless you are corpse colour like I am you will not have this problem.

Foundation: Maybelline 24 Hour Stay in 05 Light Beige.

This is my new favourite foundation, it has totally replaced my love of Loreal True Match.  The consistency of it is perfect for my dry yet spotty skin and it has great stay power.  I attended the gig straight after work, with just enough time to sort my make up.  I had been blowing my nose all day due to a cold and I could have got away with just powdering my nose.  Being paranoid I added another layer of foundation but it was unnecessary.

Concealer(s): MUA Concealer Stick in Light and Natural Collection Corrector Stick in green. 

Both budget concealers and both great.  I will be repurchasing both.  The Corrector Stick is great for days where you don't want to wear primer but want to cover blotchy red parts of your skin and the MUA concealer is thick enough to combat any spots.

Powder: Maybeline Fit Me in Nude Beige.

They discontinued my favourite Maybeline powder which I have been using for the last five year, I was more than a little upset.  I decided to give the new one a try and being honest it might be the same powder in a different packaging. But the colour range is not as great. I feel this shade is a little too dark for my skin but I am going to try find the lighter shade next time round since I have seen advertised that there are more shades.

Blusher: ELF Blusher in Fushia Fusion.

This one is not stereotypically goth but without blusher I do look like the living dead and I would rather look like a living dead doll. This blusher is not for everyone, it is very pink and has glitter through it but I adore it.  I bought it off The Beauty Fiends blog sale.

Eyeliner: Loreal Gel Intenza Pure Black.

Reviewed here: A staple for any goth or rock chick out there, I truly feel a little vulnerable when I am not wearing eyeliner.  I have even pondered getting it tattooed on like The Style Khalessi has, but I still don't know. Have any of you pondered this?

Eyeshadow Primer: Benefit Lemon Aid

Reviewed here:  Great product for tired eyes and great product for keeping your eyeshadow at bay, especially if you are a fan of dark colours like I am.  I would not be without this product these days.

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Oil Slick and Flipside.

I have the small Urban Decay palette with four shadows in it - the one that is wrapped in purple velvet.  I love this little palette and it has lasted me for years.  It also contains Stray Dog and Midnight Cowboy which are my during the day eyeshadows. Oil Slick is a lovely black shadow with silver glitter through it - it is quite messy to put you so you really do need a primer with it and Flipside is an emerald green shimmery shadow.  I only have a smudging of Flipside on to break up the black but on its own it is very striking.

Mascara: Maybelline  Colossal Volume Express.

The one in the yellow packaging with the orange leopard print.  I don't love this mascara but I don't hate it either, it is simply ok.  I want to use it up before I buy a new mascara - what do you recommend between £5-8?

Lips: Lasting Finish by Kate for Rimmel in 04 Rossetto.

I adore this lipstick but it is not one I have the balls to wear all the time. You deffo need to have some balls to pull this off since it is super dark, almost black really.  This is the darkest lipstick in my collection and next to my Mac Marilyn Lipstick it is my favourite.  Super striking and what I would call gothic chic. What are everyone else's favourite dark lipsticks?

Necklace: Kreepsville 666 -

The dark lipped vixen look seems to be quite hot this Christmas, is anyone else having more of black than white Christmas this year?


  1. Sexy lady, xoxo. I do my eyeliner like that sometimes too :)