Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Inspired Nails

It's that time of year again when I can wear green and glittery nail polish and not feel like a drag queen version of the Wicked Witch. Christmas, of course.

Green is predominately my colour, you know how everyone has a colour? What's yours?  I do rock green nails throughout the year but it feels a little bit more acceptable during this season.  It doesn't seem so out there, which is nice sometimes.

My friend Fiona over at The Beauty Fiend  won like a million nail polishes from Models Own a couple of months back and this is one of the ones that she gifted me with - told you green was my colour.

Green Tea: It looks like a teal green shade in the photo above but it really is more of a cross in the middle of teal and emerald. I am working in John Lewis at the moment and it is quite close to the John Lewis green - don't know if I am going to get away with having green nails at work but we will see. It has a matte finish to it, which if I am being honest I don't love, even though I love the colour. The last time I wore this I found the matte finish meant it chipped really easy, so it might not even last until work on Saturday.

I decided this Christmas that gold was going to be my primary nail colour - every year I pick a colour. Last year was reds.  I came up with the following nail creation on a whim and I utterly adore it.  I had planned to buy the Barry M gold glitter polish but I think this might do the job.

Buried Treasure by Collection 2000 with Models Own Ibiza Mix on top: I have been plugging Ibiza Mix since the spring and I'm still not bored of it, it's so versatile. The specs of blue, gold and pinkish glitter are fabulous and really catch the eye.  They also remind me of multicoloured Christmas lights and the typical colours of Christmas baubles - like tiny little baubles on your nails. 

Does anyone know of any other good glitter nail polishes, in warm tones?

Hope everyone is having fun Christmas shopping.




  1. Great shades :)

  2. I've never tried green nail polish before. I'm a bit boring with colours, I just tend to stick with the light pinks or red if I'm feeling really adventurous haha. The gold looks nice, giving me a bit of inspiration to try more colour myself :)