Friday, 16 November 2012

Wild Cherry, I think I Love You: Body Butter VS Body Lotion

Wild cherry I think I love you. But I wanna know for sure.

Ok, I'll stop with the cheesy sing-along. But, seriously the wild cherry products from the Body Shop give the mango products a run for their money.  I won this lovely little set as part of The Beauty Fiends 100 follower give away.  Check out her blog, its wonderful.

As expected the body butter is fabulous - as are all of The Body Shop's Body Butters that I have tried.  It isn't as oily as say the mango one which is for extra dry skin but it does the job, and the smell is soooo good. Unlike typical cherry products that smell sickly sweet and sugary this smells as you would expect wild cherries to smell - just sweet enough but not as if you have dipped yourself like a doughnut into a bag of sugar. 

The shower gel I have reviewed previously on my packing some pink post but I will add that I hope the wild cherry sets get made part of the permanent range in The Body Shop, it would be a real shame for it not to. 

Now on to the Body Lotion, in general body lotion is not something I am a great fan of.  I will always pick a thick body butter over a runny body lotion.  I don't even like the Soap and Glory body lotion, I hate the sticky feeling that lotion leaves on the skin.  However due to how wonderful the cherry body lotion smells I have to give it a try, I can't say I hate it but I don't love it either. It smells great but it is a little sticky feeling on the skin.  This might be because I have dry skin, does body lotion feel nicer for those with more oily skin?

Which do you prefer: lotion or body butter? 


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  1. Omg wild cherry shower gel! Absolutely love it!!! Xxx