Sunday, 30 December 2012

Naked Shampoo and Conditioner.

This is my favourite shampoo of all time, it is the best. If your hair is limp, dry and frizzy get your ass to Boots and grab some of this, pay for it obviously but grab it nonetheless.  As a brand I feel Naked are so underrated,  the packaging is nothing glamorous and  this might throw people off but you should never judge a bottle by its cover.  The produce is 97% natural, so natural goodness for your hair. Those that are fans of Lush should check Naked out, or check it whilst the shower.

Boots usually have deals on the range, usually around 2 for £6.00.  Still relatively expensive for shampoo but the products last a while and leave your hair feeling lovely.  I have never known a shampoo and conditioner to last me this long, I realised whilst living with four other girls that I go through shampoo and conditioner like a crazy person.

Naked Rescue Intense Care Shampoo: This is the old faithful of the hair care world for me, the perfect shampoo for my hair type (thick and dry) and it smells great - 'sweet almond and sunflower'.  You can smell it on your hair the next day, and I live in a smoking household so that shows how good it is.

'Extracts which work really hard to help improve the appearance of split, snapped and frizzy hair'.

The shampoo leaves the hair silky smooth and rather sleek if I am being honest.  I find my hair holds its straightness for longer also. So this might be something that would work great for those curly haired girls out there.

Naked Style Miracle Worker Leave in Conditioner: 

Oh how I love this product.  I've heard a few people rave about fudge dynamite, this is my fudge dynamite.  Unlike the shampoo this is the first time I have tried the leave in conditioner, I usually go for the matching conditioner but I decided to kill two birds with one stone for a change. I had planned to buy both a conditioner and intensive hair mask but Miracle Worker saves you some work.  When I first tried it I made the rookie mistake of using too much of the product which resulted in greasy and weighed down hair.  It does say on the back to use a little amount - stick to this instruction.  I have long/thick hair and I only need a tiny amount. Do not put any on your roots either, just the lengths and ends of your hair.  If you have greasy hair you could stick to just applying some on the ends. Unlike other leave in conditioners I have used this one does not leave the hair feeling sticky, it does add a little weight to the hair but does not weigh hair down the way that you might think it would. I have also noted when washing hair that my hair does not always feel like it needs conditioned, my hair no longer has the frizziness it used to have.  The product clearly holds to the hair to keep the hair in top shape.  This product would be a life saver for anyone who lives in a warm climate or is planning to go on holiday.

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  1. Oo I want to try the leave in conditioner. My hair is like shredded wheat like now-could do with it! :)