Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rosy Cheeks - Liz Earle Natural Glow

This was another lovely freebie from the ever wonderful Liz Earle PR team, and it is something that I completely would not have chosen for myself.  However, I love it.  I always stick to bright pink blushers of the powder variety.  Cream blush is a product I have always struggled a little with applying - especially when it is bright pink and just looks clown like on the cheeks.  The more natural shade of this cream blush makes it both easier to apply and is a lot more subtle than my usual doll look. 

The shade is Nude 03: 'Subtle rosy apricot. Brings a warm, delicate flush of colour to light-to-medium skin tones'.

I probably still wear far more of the product than what is needed but I will 'forever be that girl that wears too much blusher', I'm cool with that. Although I demonstrate the use of a lot of product the cream blush looks lovely when just a smudge is applied to the cheeks.  The colour really brightens up the face and gives a healthy look.  My paper white complexion can leave me looking rather unhealthy and therefore I need blush to stop me look so ashen.  

This is the perfect blush for every day wear as it is subtle enough for work and is easy touched up later in the day due to the compact it comes in.  As it is cream based it does not call for a bulky blusher brush but ensure that your hands are clean before you apply.

Once I have a job again I will be investing in some more shades of this blush - perhaps my usual pink tone.