Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cats the Musical

This post is fantastically late, but I started my new job the week after the show and since then my head has been a bit mush with sunglasses chat.

For Valentines day my manfriend took me to see Cats The Musical at Edinburgh Playhouse. Cats been my favourite musical for years, my Dad bought me the video one Christmas and I have adored it since. Despite being a dog person, but I think if you are an animal lover in general you will love this.  I'm not sure if non animal lovers would 'get' the musical in quite the same way.  Obviously, the musical has political undertones and a deeper story runs through it more than simply cuddly tabby cats, but it also emphasises the respect animals deserve as individuals.

This was the first time I had ever seen the production live, since I missed it the last time it came to Glasgow due to having no one to go with and then shortly after it was cut from the west-end.  I have probably been waiting around ten years to see the show live, that is almost half my lifetime.  My manfriends Mum has actually seen the original production which fills me with great envy, Rum Tum Tugger was originally played by the actor that plays Christian in Eastenders - there's a wee fact for you. That is obviously not why I'm envious but, you know.

Christian as a Cat

The production at Edinburgh Playhouse, however, was wonderful, even minus Christian from Eastenders. But, anyone who says they don't fancy Rum Tum Tuggers wee toosh is a liar. Yes, I fancy a man dressed as a cat - and what?  He's a damn sexy cat.

The singing and dancing was to the highest of standards as expected, and I was left feeling very un-flexible. The things those ballet dancers can do with their legs is amazing, I struggled to walk back to the hotel in my wedges without falling on my arse - graceful as ever.

Sadly I couldn't take any photo's during the show due to the rules in place, but aesthetically the show is beautiful to watch.  If you haven't seen it you should grab a copy on DVD.  Matt, wasn't terribly excited about watching a bunch of people dressed up as cats singing and dancing - I even had to lie and tell him that there was some dialogue, and it was not all singing. But he fairly enjoyed it - if my rugby playing manfriend can enjoy it so can you.

If you are a die-hard fan like me you should read TS Elliott's Book of Practical Cats which is the poetry book which the musical is based upon.  It is such a delightful little book, the kind of book you can imagine reading to your future kids, or kittens.

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