Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Juicy Wish List.

So, I am back working in John Lewis, in the beauty department to be precise.  Torture. Well, torture for my bank account.  I could spend a small fortune at all the beauty counters, and then over at the general toiletries section.  Sadly, I can't afford to buy lots of pretty things though but I thought I would share the things I am lusting after from John Lewis.

Anti-Blemish 3-step Program. 
Anti-blemish Solution Cleansing Foam: £14.50
Anti-blemish Clarifying Solution: £17.00
Anti-blemish Moisturiser: £18.50
I got a couple of samples from Clinique the other day (which I will review at a later date) but in the short couple of days that I have used the sample's I have fell in love with them.  I was advised to try the anti-blemish 3-step program for my bad skin, but they also reminded me that my antibiotics are the only thing that will truly sort the problem.  The products should make my skin look better though in partner with the antibiotics.  I haven't tried the cleansing foam, because I was given a sample of the cleansing bar.  The cleansing bar is good but I prefer Fresh Pharmacy from Lush. I think the cleansing foam would be more suited to my skin.  The solution and the moisturiser are fantastic though.  I will need to buy the full-size products when my samples are finished.

Cinammon Bun Lip Shine: £10.00

Like all Philosophy products this smells amazing.  It is quite sticky but the smell makes you forget this.

Bobbi Brown
Shimmer Brick Compact (Rose): £32.00
A girl I used to work with wore this and it made her skin look fabulous.  I've never used a shimmer brick and it something I fancy trying this year, as an alternative to blusher and powder.  Anyone know of any cheaper dupes? 

Brightening Finishing Powder (Porcelain Pearl) - £40.00

The gorgeous Emma at Bobbi Brown (John Lewis Glasgow) done my makeup for me on Saturday since I was dashing out after work, and this was one of the products she used.  At first I was like 'what is that?' due to the bright colours, however it goes on translucent.  I am a big fan of powder, I always wear it on top of my foundation but I do find it quite irritating at times.  This felt so soft on my skin and it really brightened my whole face up.  The next time there is a price match I will be hoping to get my mittens on this.

In fact who am I kidding I want all the Bobbi Brown products, including the eyeliner and eyebrow powder. Anyone got some Bobbi reviews? Link me up.

Origins: Never a Dull Moment Face Scrub: £24.00

Since I read the review of this on Tattooed Tealady I have been lusting after it. I am going to see if I can get a wee sample of this next week. Also hoping to squeeze in a complimentary facial.

What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. Hey hun, I know a company that does shimmer bricks for a lower budget, here's their site... xoxo.

  2. The Bobbi Brown stuff looks amazing! Shame it's so expensive :(