Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doing your bit for the ECO system, with Lush.

In a similar way to MAC Lush operate a system where if you bring back empty containers you can get a free product.  If you are a regular shopper it is something you should take advantage of, and at the same time you are helping the ECO system. I'm not the most green of people (I could do a whole lot more) but this lets me feel like I am contributing a little.  We could all always do a little bit more for the ECO system though.  Any super green bloggers out there? 

Considering I have been shopping at Lush since I was at high school it is astounding that I have never returned '5 clean tubs' in order to get a free fresh face mask.  I am going to blame the travelling to and fro from Stirling for the past four years, but I actually don't know why I have never done this.

Even if you are not a regular shopper at Lush, in order to collect five, the little tubs are great for decanting other products into and are a nice way to let a friend have a sample. I have also used them in the past for washing my make-up brushes. There are loads of different uses for them.

I think I am going to get a little tub of my old favourite face mask Catastrophe Cosmetic.  This one is great if you are prone to sore break outs, it soothe the skin and makes the problem a little less problematic.

Does anyone else know of other beauty houses that do their part for the ECO System?

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