Sunday, 11 September 2011

A very happy unbirthday to you.

I was born on the 14th of January 1991 making me at the time of this blog twenty years old, closely coming up on being twenty-one.  I was born eight weeks early to my Mothers surprise and weighed only 4 pounds 1” making me a rather poorly baby but nothing was seriously wrong with me.  I should have been born at Bellshill Maternity Hospital but they had no room for me so I was born at Glasgow Royal Maternity, I sometimes like to think that is why I’m named Victoria but apparently that is not the reason.  There is no particular reason behind why I am named Victoria and I have no middle names either.  I nearly had the middle name of 'Duncan' (something to do with my Gran's side of the family) but then my initials would have been V.D McEwan, so that was quickly dismissed.
I was the first female and Scottish grandchild, since my two elder cousins are English.  I was the only child in my family until my little cousin Cara was born in December 1999.  It was a pretty lonely childhood, being an only child itself is grim but when you don't have any cousins either it's worse.  I wasnt an unhappy child and it didn't affect me much as a child as I had lots of friends but I do feel it has affected me more as an adult as I don't know how to interact with children since I haven't had much experience with them and I don't feel terribly maternal but I don't know if I want children anyways so probably no point in worrying about it at the moment.
Being born in January makes me a Capricorn, a very proud one at that.  I am a great believer in star-signs (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) and I feel the characteristics of my sign fit my personality greatly.  I am practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, reserved but very pessimistic.
I feel Capricorns are also very self-destructive beings for example some famous Capricorns are Marilyn Manson and Elvis Presley.  Both very self-destructive yet creative people.
Dave Grohl was also born on the 14th of January – I like to think this makes us somehow connected.
Having a birthday in January can be annoying though since it is just after both Christmas and New Year and no one has much money and I don't mean just for presents - I mean for birthday nights out etc.  It is also dissapointing to be given rubbish from the January sales, I know this makes me sound really ungrateful and it's not the being given an item from the sale that annoys me, it is being given an item that no thought has been put into other than it was on sale.  It would also be nice to experience a sunny birthday with a bbq party or something but that is never going to happen unless I create a fake birthday - an unbirthday.  But then a teaparty would be more appropriate, right?

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