Thursday, 10 November 2011

A woman's right to shoes

If you know where I got the title of my blog from then kudos to you! If not then go borrow a sex and the city box set and watch it.  The series not the films. By all means watch the films after you've seen the series.  I have a huge dislike for sex and the city "fans" that haven't seen the series.

I have been a fan of sex and the city for years, I asked my Dad for the boxset for my fifeteenth birthday but he wouldnt get me it until I was sixteen.  When things go tits up in my life I usually turn to my sex and the city boxset for guidence.

I don't know what made me think of this particular episode the other day but I got to thinking about the 'A woman's right to shoes episode'.  In the episode Carrie the protagonist goes to her friends baby party and is asked to remove her Manolo Blahnik shoes as not to bring in dirt from inside which could make the children ill, when she returns for her shoes at the end of the night they are gone.

As you can see from the clip her friend shames her for spending a lot of money on shoes but Carrie responds to this later on the episode by sending Keira a wedding invitation saying that she is marrying herself and she is registered at Manalo Blahnik.  I think she is quite right through doing this.  I don't think its fair that people get judged for not getting married or not having kids.  If you don't have responsibilities like children then I don't see the problem with spending your hard earned money on shoes.

In today's society not all women decide to get married and have children as there are more options these days for women.  High-end Careers being the main one.  I personally don't know if I want to have children and I feel that I am one of those women that will put her career before such things like having children.

Now that I'm writing this blog I've remembered what made me think of this episode.  I was thinking about the people I went to school with that now have babies - there are a lot of them.  I find it quite scary that the summer I grauduate (this coming summer) is the same summer that some of these children will start school.

I'm not judging these people that have children that was their choice but I just find it startling how different our lives have become since leaving school. 

I've been thinking a lot about graduating recently also, mainly about what kind of dress I'm going to get and whether I'll actually get through this uni year.  I really want a Vivien of Holloway dress for either my 21st or graduation.

But back to the point I find it a bit unfair that after graduation if I don't get married or have children there won't be an event in my life where I'll be celebrated.  So if you chose to go round the career road rather than the road of wiping babies bums your life isnt as important?

I think I just like being bought presents and the idea of not being bought any because I may not get married or have children annoys me.  It makes me feel a bit robbed.

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