Friday, 4 November 2011

This is halloween...and other random times I decide to dress up

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year since for one I love dressing up and two I love the actual history of halloween.  I'm really interested in the paranormal, witches etc.  But when looking through my photo's for material for this blog I realised I dress up quite a lot so I thought I'd dedicate a blog to my dressing up - usually with Susan.

Me excited about Halloween with my boyfriend.

Jack and Sally pumpkins from 2009.

Here is a  photo of me and Susan normally.

Now here is one of us as The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland at Fiona's 16th birthday party - take note no one else was dressed up.

The time we went to Edinburgh for halloween (before I was 18) and went to The Vaults, The Dungeons and then took a casual stroll round Greyfriars as you do.  Evil doll and and evil Alice in Wonderland.
Club Noir, oh how I miss Club Noir.  Club Noir is a burlesque club in Glasgow and it will always have a place in my heart because it was the first place I ever seen burlesque in action.  Plus it's an awesome excuse to dress up.  I believe I'm some sort of goff fairy in this one, not too sure what Susan is.

We got more creative for the second, third and fourth ones.

I'm obviously turning the opposite direction from everyone else...naturally.  Susan's Gran also came across this photo, its safe to say so was not impressed.  We all look quite naked but we really werent - there was a lot of layering going on that night.

Yes Susan is dressed as a Nazi - the theme was countries of the world, I'm the Caribbean.

The last one we attended was a masquerade - Suzee is Marie Antoinette and I'm a masked leopard but I obviously ended up looking like Puss in Boots.

I decided to bring the sailor outfit back out for Kirsty's 21st.

This is possibly the first time me and Suzee dressed up together - I'm an evil (apparently glam rock) fairy and Suzee is James St James.

The time I went to the ASH Christmas party instead of my own halls Christmas party.

I got the pirate outfit back out for a film party in my first year of uni.

Me kidding on I'm the Queen. Victoria, obviously.

That time me and Suzee dressed up as Victorian prostitutes...just because.  I think I might be wearing my famous funeral hat in this photo.  I bought a funeral hate because I was going to an old lady's funeral and I thought there might be quite a lot of old women there that would be wearing hats.  I was wrong, I was the only person there wearing any sort of head-gear.  I feel Aunt Pearl would have appreciated it though.

Finally on to some halloween photo's. Halloween 2009. Me: Snow White. Susan: Pirate. Emma: Killer bee.

We were meant to go to a party the following night but we felt too rough so we went to the cinema like this:

For Amanda's 18th I dressed up as The Riddler:

I also like to pretend I'm the riddler and Susan, batman.

Last halloween we were Billy the puppet and Ziggy Stardust.  Gemma was Alice in Wonderland.

We also dressed up for Nicolle's circus party.  I was a magician and Suzee was a fortune teller.

I dressed up as a cowboy for Claire's birthday party and as a reindeer for her Christmas party but I don't have my antlers on in the photo. Suzee is Mr Claus.

We dressed up to go see On Stranger tides when it was released.

Somtimes I like to throw on my pirate hat or my 'happy cape' to make my night more exciting.  I'm telling you 'happy cape therapy' is a thing of the future.

I found this really old photo of me and Suzee as pirates.

I am going to finish this blog with photo's from the last week. Mainly halloween 2011. I'm Bellatrix Lestrange and Suzee is Narcissa Malfoy.  Gemma is wearing my sailor outfit.  It fair gets around that outfit.

This is me wearing a pair of gloves I found in my flat.  They bring me much joy.

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