Friday, 16 December 2011

Breaking Dawn

Before anyone starts telling me about how crap Twilight is just shhh.  I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise myself but I do enjoy the films and I really do not care if you think Twilight is crap.  I feel the people that criticise Twilight try and make the films something they're not.  If you class it as a vampire film then you're wrong, if anything its a romance film with a lot of action scenes which involves vampires. Oh and wolves.

I did not get the chance to see Breaking Dawn - Part One (the fourth Twilight film) when it was out at the cinema ,so I watched it online tonight - I don't really like watching films online but I didn't want to buy it when it came out on DVD. 

I have read all the books mainly because I was fed up with not knowing what people were talking about and I never read the Harry Potter books.  I didn't want to miss out this time.  I thought the books were alright - if you're a young girl then you probably think they are excellent but for me personally they're nothing above average.

Out of all the books though I did enjoy Breaking Dawn the best - it was the only one that really stood out for me - I just wish the film did also.  I was really looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn but for me it just did not translate as well in film. However what I enjoyed most about Breaking Dawn the book was the whole concept of a hybrid vampire/human baby and Breaking Dawn - Part Two will cover more about that part of the story.  I will reserve my final judgement until the second half is released. 

However, I cannot hide my disappointment about the first part - the romance was just sickening and when she became pregnant the film just moved too quickly for my liking and Edward appeared almost non-respondent to what was happening.  There was no emotion. Even when it was unclear whether Bella was going to survive or not.  I think Robert Pattison has the potential to be a great actor in the future but in Breaking Dawn...something was missing.  Kirsten Stewart's acting as usual was awkward and she went from looking beautiful in the first half of the film to looking somewhat like a corpse in the second half.  The film as a whole just lacked the ommph that it needed.  The best comparison I can make is to a collapsed cupcake - looks like it might be good but in the end it was as bad as you thought it might have been.

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