Friday, 16 December 2011

I enjoy being a girl.

"I flip when a fellow sends me flowers
I drool over dresses made
of lace
I talk on the telephone for hours
with a pound and a half of
cream upon my face" - Peggy Lee - I enjoy being a girl

Currently I am pampering myself since that's this university semester over with.  I'm really not quite sure how my exam went yesterday but hopefully it was enough to pass.   I had the physio there on Tuesday and he was not very pleased when I showed up with a note from Alain (my flatmates friend whom happens to be a private physio) saying what he thought was wrong with my knee.  He genuinely looked confused about what was on the note which unsettles me a bit and makes me think that maybe he does not know what he's doing but I still felt bad.  I think I may have ruined his day.  So, I am now being referred to orthopaedics...the joy.  I think my knee maybe is slightly better though.

I've got quite a few things to write about since I haven't been blogging but mainly last weekend but I think that deserves a whole post of it's own.  Last weekend was the Steel Panther, Motley Crue and Def Leppard was flipping amazing. The whole weekend was pretty great to be honest, I also met my friend Calyx from Singapore but yet again that deserves a whole post of its own.

Today I treated myself to some Soap and Glory goodness - the big bag which is originally £60 went down in price to £25...I had to have it.  I missed out on the deal last year. The fact that I have a cold at the moment also came into the decision making process. It has made me feel a little bit better. I've just had a lovely warm shower and now I'm sitting caked in body butter. I had forgot how much I love Soap and Glory products.

How fantastic is that name? Love it!

I got the foot cream in the set which is the one of the products that I have not used before, it gave me an excuse to wear my favourite socks.  Even though I'm being overly feminine I am still goffing it up.

My silly moment of the week would be when I was chatting to the other Victoria about baking, whilst she ate bacon I may add, and she said I find baking therapeutic - to which I replied "I like square sausage" - I thought she had said she found bacon therapeutic *face palm*. I'm pretty sure I've said some other ridiculous things this week, I just can't remember them.

Oh and this would be me using Linzi's Santa sack as a sleeping bag sorta device...

This was the day before my exam take note of the notes in front of me and the XL batman jumper I lived in that day.

Now that the chaos of uni is over for a little while I should be blogging more regularly about my antics and also some more reviews shall be posted. I should get round to doing them tomorrow night or Sunday.


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