Thursday, 26 January 2012

Primark - Nail Foils - Review

For my birthday my friend Nicolle bought me some nail foils from Primark.  I have another friend who wearings nail foils frequently and they always look really nice on her but my experience with nail foils wasn't so great.  I had really hoped they would turn out alright because the star pattern on them is really nice and something a little bit different but the end result just looked like I had took stickers and essentially stuck them on to my nails.  I understand that nail foils pretty much are stickers but this just looked tacky.

There are different sizes of foils for each nail but I found the small ones too small and the big ones too big and there weren't enough medium sized ones to do all my nails and when I was filing down the excess I found the foil was just tearing.

In the photo they look a lot better than they actually did.  I would try nail foils again but try the more expensive ones from River Island to see if they deal with the problems I found with the Primark ones.

I would also advise having someone to help you do your left hand (or right if you're a lefty) I found it quite tricky doing that hand and I'm really good at painting my nails.

If anyone has any good experiences with nail foils then let me know.

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