Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back in the new black.

Is grey the new black?  

I would say no, since I think black is the ultimate classic colour but grey is a nice alternative if you aren't wanting anything too jazzy on your nails.  I do like jazzy nails though hence why I painted them grey decided that it was too boring and put black tips on.

The grey I used was 'tavistock street' by Nails Inc. The street the polish is named after is in London, near Convent Gardens.  It was once a street filled with fashionable shops, publishing houses and of course carriages.

(Tavistock Street)

However back to the Nail Polish.  Again like the red Nails Inc polish I reviewed the quality of polish is high.

To some this might look quite complicated but it's not but if you aren't great at painting your nails maybe wait until your hand is steady enough to nicely paint them. 

I just applied two coats of Tavistock Street and then painted on tips with a cheap black nail polish.  I have yet to find a black nail polish that did not chip easy and I've tried a wide range, including Chanel.  But I'll save that for another review.

P:S Wait until the grey is fully dried before applying the black or it will just make a mess.  I have made this mistake being as impatient as I am.

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