Thursday, 26 January 2012

Julian Macdonald - false nails - review

For my birthday my Dad and his partner got me some black glitter false nails by Julian Macdonald at Debenhams.  The thing I was most struck by after the sparkle was that they didn't come with glue - they are pre-glued - so you just stick them on to your nail.  Which is great - no faffing about with glue and making a mess.

I don't usually wear false nails so I found the length a bit annoying - especially when it came to pulling my tights up.  However they were great for just one day.  I say day because I had took them off before the night was out.  If you enjoy wearing false nails then I think the pre-glued nails are definitely the way forward and I would highly recommend them but remember to take the extra ones with you in case some come loose. 

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