Sunday, 5 February 2012

Body butter - some of the best

I am currently in the fortunate position to have my three favourite body butters - this is what happens when your birthday is just after Christmas.

1.  FCUK - Polished Body Butter

  • Contains cocoa butter, johoba and almond oil.
  • Is a thick cream and leaves the skin feeling slightly oily but leaves the skin looking healthy.
  • Smells great - mandarin and osmanthus flower with creamy vanilla notes.
  • £5.87 at Boots.

2. Soap and Glory - The Righteous Butter
  • Contains shea butter and also vera - for 'very dry skin'.
  • Is the applied to damp skin.  I usually put it on after a shower or before I go to bed.  If you wear it to bed your sheets will smell of it which is nice.
  • I really like this compared to the other Soap and Glory body butter.  The other one I felt sticky on my skin.  Whereas this one might make you swear 'you're wearing velvet'.
  • £10.20 from boots but it is a 300ml tub - so it will last you a while.  If you have dry skin like me then it it definitely a good investment.  Boots usually have 3 for 2 offers also.

3. The Body Shop - Mango Body Butter

  • Contains - Mango seed oil, community fair trade cocoa butter (all body shop products are ethically friendly) and sweet almond oil.
  • It hydrates skin and leaves it soft and smooth.  The exotic mango scent is simply lush.
  • I have used the strawberry and the raspberry body butters in the past but the mango one is my favourite.
  • This one is my favourite body butter but for  a 200ml tub it is £12.50 - so it is a bit more expensive than the other two but a tub usually lasts me over a year. 
  • The body shop do gift sets a lot of the time so you might actually get more value if you buy one of the sets.  The set I got for my birthday had soap, lip butter, shower gel, body scrub and the body butter.  On the website it is £25 - for £10 more you can get all that extra stuff.

All the body butters I have mentioned are of a high standard and work really well with dry skin.  The body shop website can tell you which body butter will suit your skin type though.

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  1. I got the Mango shower gel and soap for Xmas and the scent is sooooo gorgeous, reckon I'll give the body butter a go once I've finished the Soap & Glory :p x