Saturday, 13 April 2013

My new found love of Bobbi Brown is Pretty Powerful.

I currently work in John Lewis (Glasgow) in the beauty department, but sadly not on a beauty concession.  I flog sunglasses, which most days is a challenge considering the Scottish weather, but we are faring not too badly.  However, the lust I feel on a daily basis is even more of a challenge.  My sun-glass stands are directly in front of Clarins and Estee Lauder, a few steps away from Origins and the Bobbi Brown counter is in my direct eye-line. It's a hard life. 

I could easily spend a small fortune in the beauty department of John Lewis, a couple of hundred pounds could be gone in the space of an hour,  trying to not succumb to my desires is soul destroying.  Well, soul destroying might be a little dramatic but it is gloomy. So is talking to nearly all your customers about where they are going on holiday. 'So, are you going somewhere nice on holiday?'.  Oh, the smiles. 

The other week though, I was heading out for a friends birthday straight from work, and the lovely Emma at Bobbi Brown said she would do my make-up for me - saving me an epic battle with my eye-liner brush whilst on the bus.  I am sometimes wary of make-up artists because people all have different opinions about what looks good. However, Emma has a complexion like a porcelain doll and looks a bit like Bettie Page - that I can trust. 

Make-up by Bobbi Brown (Lipstick is Models Own).

Make-up By Me.

I have never seen my skin look so radiant, every time I look at this photo I am wowed by it.  Keep in mind I have rather bad/blemish stained skin. Look at the glow! I would usually frown at the use of an exclamation mark (it can be tacky) but this occasion calls for it. I love being pale, but I can't deny that I am occasionally what one would call pasty rather than porcelain.  Having pale skin I find it is much harder to get that beautiful glow than those who have darker tones. Bronzer is an easy way to achieve a healthy glow, but it's not my style.  The Brightening Finish Powder in Porcelain Pearl is a must have for pale girls. It was on my last wish list, and I will be buying it next pay day. And maybe a powder brush...

This all-over powder instantly illuminates and gives skin a healthy-looking glow. It's infused with a skin-brightening blend of Mulberry, Grape and Scutellaria extracts, as well as Sodium Hyaluronate (beloved for its moisture magnet-like effect) to help keep skin fresh and smooth looking.

But my favourite thing is my eyebrows - Emma transformed my brows into amazing brows.  Anyone who knows me in real life will know of the eternal fight I've had over the years with my eyebrows - I have had a fair amount of mishaps, I can't even bring myself to find photo's. Having pretty eyebrows made me happy, I went around asking everyone if they liked my eyebrows (I'm currently using a furry leopard print bag as my work bag, they already know I'm a bit mad).  This mini transformation really highlighted to me the importance of having well shaped eyebrows, it really does change the whole shape of your face.  Fixing my eyebrows is on my 'to do list for this year' - maybe by the end of the year I will be able to make my own eyebrows that fabulous. 

The current Bobbi Brown Campaign is: BE PRETTY. BE CONFIDENT. BE WHO YOU ARE

I love this, having wrote my dissertation on the sexualisation of children and of having a deep understanding of how the media can mould people into being a certain way, this is a very powerful message. Yes, we all adore make-up, most of us wouldn't be without it (I for one won't leave the house without at least foundation on) but you still need to have confidence within yourself, about who you are and what you are all about. 

Bobbi believes that "makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident."

I really urge everyone to go read up on Bobbi Brown, as a company they are wonderful.  Their whole philosophy is inspiring, especially for a beauty brand.   Obviously, I also urge you to go try some Bobbi Brown products for yourself, and then tell me about how wonderful they are.


Hydrating Eye Cream.
Foundation: Porcelain Stick.
Concealer: Eye Brightener: Light Brick.
Brows: Saddle.
Eyeshadow: Galaxy Cream Shadow (lower lid). Crease: Gunmetal.
Eyeliner: Black Gel Ink.
Brightening Finishing Powder: Porcelain Pearl.

Much Love,

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